Q&A - Top 4 Questions About Our Process

1)  Question: Do I have to wait a year to have my house built? I don’t have the time…

Answer - No.  You can move into our new construction homes as fast as you would if it were a resale- 30-75 days. The builder has already completed most of the homes for your speed and convenience!!

2) Question: Do I have to waste time meeting with architects, decorators, engineers and inspectors? I am a very busy person…

Answer - No. The builder did it all for you - top designers were consulted and all items were specially ordered to give you great speed, ultimate luxury, expert craft, solid performance and cutting edge fashion design.  It’s turn-key baby!!!

3)  Question: Do I have to put a lot of money down?

Answer- No. Your DP can range from 3%-10% depending on circumstances.

4)  Question: What about banking?

Answer - The builder will give you a list of approved lenders that provide great rates and service, and which if selected will entitle you to a mortgage contingency. Of course, you can use any bank you wish but will not get a contingency if you select a bank not on the list.

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